For your stay at Hacienda Sacnicte we offer the very best of everything. If you wish, you can spend your time relaxing at the glowing jewel-tone pool or exploring Izamal, our nearby charming colonial town just 4 km from the Hacienda. Almost all the buildings in Izamal are painted egg-yolk yellow & cobblestone streets and colonial lamp posts complete this quaint scenery.

Upon arriving in the town visit the Government Palace where there is a large model of the town in the outdoor corridor. It shows the entire town and many Mayan pyramids that are scattered about. To the north are the Mayan ruins of Kinich Kakmo, the most important in this area.

Hacienda Sacnicte

You can visit the informative Museum of the Community or browse many local handicrafts & art at Centro Cultural e Artesanal on the main plaza. An important sight is the Franciscan Convent which was buildings in 15Th Century by the Spaniards. To really enjoy Izamal, plan to be there in the evening so that you can take in the magical Light and Sound Show – Light of the Mayas at 8:30 PM in the atrium of the convent. It’s a magical experience with the strolling monks, the music, the incense and the colorful images that are projected onto the walls and into the arches of the convent. This 30 minutes show is a must as it will give you insight into the culture of the Mayas who are living in and around Izamal. For the adventurous there is Kayaking on the lake and mangroves. Cenotes underground, fresh water caves, are all over the Yucatan’ & are perfect for swimming. Sea fishing is 30 km away The Mayan cenotes, sweet water deposits, are magical formations, there are different types, like open cenotes, closed, semi-closed or with a cavern, allowing for different aquatic activities in these places of natural beauty. The observation of flora and fauna that lives around these sites, free swimming, snorkeling, rappelling, zip-line rope climbing, cave diving and kayaking are the main activities that can be practiced in direct contact with the cenotes. The crystalline water will allow you to see the aquatic fauna, mainly blue catfish, as well as the stalactites and stalagmites. Some still conserve archeological remains as they were Mayan ceremonial centers. Drinking from the water of the cenote, the legend says, will make you fall in love and return to the visit place.

Ox Watz:

The Yucatán is famous for its bird watching. Ox Watz within their 1,018 acres of pure, virgin, low jungle they have cenotes, ponds, lakes, birds, deer, crocodiles, anteaters, cotamundi, and wild turkeys. On the cultural side you will find the archeological site of Xbaatun, old Mayan roads called sacbe, abandoned pre-Hispanic buildings, the Mayan language and the living Mayan culture. Chichen Itza, a Mayan Archeological site, is one of the 10 wonders of the World & is situated 40 miles from Sacnicte, and last but not least Horse back-rinding at the Ranch Chalante.